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Welcome Aboard!

Post by Barsz on Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:57 am


I'm glad ye decided to join up with the Marooned Marauders.

The name is Barsz Green, but me loyal crew call me Cap'n.

The Marauders (or AHOY) are about having a fun social group to enjoy when you log into Final Fantsy on Mateus. There are plenty of options to accomplish game content, but Leina Green and I feel that the special magic of MMORPGS is making friends and having a great social group to enjoy your evening.

As such, as your Captain, my goal is to help you enjoy yourself. If you are having fun, so am I.

So I'll act like a crazy fool because that is fun to me. I'm also going to host events, give out prizes, help gear you up, or help you level up. I hope you do the same for the rest of your crew. A good crew will give back in like measure to what you put into it.

I have two major rules for crewmembers:

Treat all members with kindness and respect regardless of your personal differences.

Keep any arguments to private conversations. Free Company chat is not the place for it.

Violation of my rules or the spirit of them can result in ejection from the crew via the plank.

I look forward to serving ye as yer Captain!

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